About the Program

Idaho Diaper Bank also offers Cloth Diapering Kits to families in need who have an interest in learning how to use and care for their babies using cloth diapers. While the IDB has always accepted donations of cloth diapers, this IDB Cloth Diaper Collection is a brand new, comprehensive program to proactively collect, stock and prepare cloth diapers to be distributed, as well as provide educational information to families interested in learning more about cloth diapering options. The IDB continues to be a proponent of offering as many choices as possible to families to help them meet their most basic needs. While cloth diapers are not practical for many families, we do know that for some families, cloth diapers-used exclusively, or in combination with disposables, can be a viable, cost-effective option.

Cloth diapers have come a long way in the last couple of decades, and most modern cloth diapers function very similarly to disposable diapers. However, up-front costs for cloth diapers are a big barrier for families as these costs can easily be $200-500 or more, making it difficult for low-income families to invest in them. Yet, once a family has the initial supply, cloth diapers can save money over the long term.

Not all families are easily able to cloth diaper their babies, including those without easy access to a washing machine. The IDB Cloth Diaper Collection Program is simply another choice for families to access as they strive to meet the basic needs of their families. This program does not, in anyway, affect the Idaho Diaper Banks' ongoing commitment to provide disposable diapers to families in need.

Requesting Kits

These cloth diaper kits are available by requesting information through a IDB Partnering Distribution Organization or through the link below. Kits are created with enough changes to meet a child’s basic needs and are in limited supply; thus, we encourage only those committed to this program to request cloth diapering kits.  Proof of need is required with the application which can be viewed at:  APPLICATION

How You Can Help the IDB Cloth Diaper Collection Effort

The IDB relies on the community to donate new and used cloth diapers, sew cloth diapers from up-cycled cotton materials, and raise dollars for the IDB to purchase cloth diaper and sewing supplies. The IDB collects, sorts, repairs, and works with Boise Cloth Diapers, a local cloth diapering laundry service and store, to professionally clean and sanitize cloth diaper donations in preparation to be distributed.

The IDB is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization. Your donation is 100% applicable for IRS tax credit. Our tax-exempt number is 46-5573014.

  • Donate Cloth Diapers new/used/needing minor repairs
  • Donate Old T-shirts and Cotton Material to Sew into Diapers
  • Host a Cloth Diaper Collection Drive
  • Make a Monetary Donation
  • Volunteer to Help Sew or Repair Cloth Diaper Donations (see link below for a short video tutorial)

Cloth Diapering Resources

  • Diaper Types: Unfamiliar with modern cloth diapering options? Check out this short online video describing most types of cloth diapers that are available today. The types included in our kits vary based on donations. Watch a video.
  • Care and Washing: Need help learning how to wash and care for your cloth diapers? fluffloveuniversity.com is a great resource to learn all about it.
  • How to use a Snappi: Some of our donated diapers are called prefold diapers that can be tucked inside a pocket diaper or used with a Snappi to secure to baby.  Here is a brief video showing an easy way to use a snappi with your prefolds. Watch the video. Note: Not shown in the video-The prefold can also be folded down in front as needed before being pulled towards the tummy to ensure a good fit. 
  • Sewing Cloth Diapers: Know how to sew? Know someone or a group that does? We have materials available for volunteers to sew simple fitted cloth diapers out of upcycled cotton t-shirts. A great service project! It is a very easy pattern to make. See the video of how to do it.  We are also always looking for people to help with minor diaper repairs of donated items. Contact cloth@idahodiaperbank.org for more information. 
  • Making Wipees at Home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYewURHAV1k


Thank You to Our Program Sponsors!