Warehouse on Wheels (WOW)

Last year, the Idaho Diaper Bank added the Warehouse on Wheel (WOW) program to reach babies and families living in rural communities of Idaho by giving low-income families access to a reliable supply of clean diapers.  Many families living in rural communities of Idaho have limited access to affordable diapers and/or transportation to big-box stores. At this time, the WOW program reaches families living in rural counties throughout Idaho with its Partnering Distribution Organizations.

A family’s access to a reliable supply of clean diapers leads to:

  • Healthier Communities – Dirties diapers can make us sick and spread hepatitis A, viral meningitis, and severe bacterial diarrheas. Not having diapers adversely affects a mother feeling of self-worth and can negatively impact the mother-child bond. 
  • Happier Babies – Frequent diaper changes prevent painful diaper rash, loss of appetite, staph, urinary infections, or renal failure. Access to clean diapers is an essential basic need
  • Financial Independence and Early Care and Education – A supply of clean diapers are required to attend most early childcare programs; without them, children miss out on educational opportunities and parents can’t attend work or school.

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