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Get involved with Idaho Diaper Bank and help children all around Idaho by participating in our events!

Upcoming Events

Bottoms Up! 

Join us for an evening of wine, snacks, and making a difference at the beautiful Telaya Wine Co. Meet our partner agencies and learn about the families they serve in partnership with Idaho Diaper Bank. Connect with fellow community leaders and change-makers while supporting a vital cause.

Get your tickets today - click anywhere on the flyer or scan the QR code with your phone. 

Hosting an Event on behalf of the Idaho Diaper Bank

The Idaho Diaper Bank (IDB) launched a fundraising appeal to support the cause by asking you to host an event at a venue of your choice – your home, your friend’s or neighbor’s home, your favorite restaurant or hang-out place.  Your Choice!

This is a No Gala-Gala.  Your donation to the fun non-event allows you to join our mission with the knowledge that 100% of financial gifts received at your event will make a difference in the lives of Idaho families in need.  No portion of proceeds from event will go towards the cost of catering, venue or fancy desserts.  Rather relax with friends and family in support of IDB!


These hosted events will support Idaho Diaper Bank, which aims to ensure that every child in Idaho has a chance to meet his or her full potential.


Diapers a Month


Diapers Provided Annually

40 Partners

distributing Throughout Treasure Valley

1500+ Babies

Served per month