Impact Stories from Idaho Diaper Bank (IDB) Partnership Distribution Organizations


“While our services assist customers to gain meaningful employment, and increase their household income, they are limited to providing for the direct job search and employment needs of our customers. Therefore we also function as a resource referral agency, and strive to work with other organizations to meet the needs of our customers and the community. With the maximum monthly amount of cash assistance in the state of Idaho being $309, regardless of household size, IDB has been an incredible addition to our resources and our ability to serve our customers who struggle to cover costs such as food, shelter, utilities, and transportation, and have little to nothing left to purchase diapers for their infants and young children. 

With very few resources available to assist with families' diaper needs, parents often have to make the decision between paying essential housing or transportation costs and purchasing hygiene and diapering needs for their young children. 

Since connecting with the IDB in January of 2015, we have assisted over 172 families in meeting their diaper needs, allowing them to focus on their employment goals. We would not have been able to do this without the assistance of the IDB.”

- Laura, Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain, Inc.


“I have one family who has been spending about $30 per month on Pull-ups. By helping provide the pull-ups for them they have been able to put that money into a savings account to help them get out of the shelter. They have about $300 saved up and about $100 of that is from not buying pull-ups.”

- Aeriel Henwood, LMSW Supportive Services Case Manager
  Interfaith Sanctuary Housing Services


“December was a tough month for our customers, and we really worked to make sure they had their children's diaper needs met, using your suggested diaper supplementation count per family. There were a lot of dry babies for the holiday season this year! THANK YOU!!!!”

 - Laura Tompkins, Easter Seals Goodwill


"The population of families we serve are often needing much assistance as they are having to establish their homes all over again due to domestic violence situations. IDB has been so amazingly helpful in providing us with diapers and wet wipes so that we can help make more of a difference in the lives of the families we are serving. " 

- Jeannie Strohmeyer, Nampa Family Justice Center


"We have a Baby Haven Program where we provide essential baby items for classes that the clients take. And we are so thankful that IDB is able to provide us with diapers to give to our clients. Without IDB, we would be hurting financially to provide these essential items to the clients and with grants slowly diminishing, it's hard for us to meet the needs on our own." 

- Lt. Christy Church, Salvation Army Baby Haven Program.


“We have many requests from our clients and walk-ins for diapers of all sizes. The value the Idaho Diaper Bank offers us is huge. It is nice to be able to have all diaper sizes available.”

- Angie at Stanton Health Care