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IDB Operating Principles

We ask of our Partner Distribution Organizations (PDO) to agree and abide by the following:

  • All diapers provided to PDO by the Idaho Diaper Bank (IDB) are to be distributed to families in need without charge
  • IDB and PDO will not discriminate on any basis, including without limitation: gender, race, national origin, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, political affiliation, marital status, veteran status and ancestry.
  • IDB PDO does not condition assistance provided to clients directly or loosely on attendance at religious services or classes
  • IDB accepts referrals of families in need from National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) and community partners
  • PDO agrees to provide data to the IDB so that stats on numbers of diapers distributed annually and total children served can be shared with the NDBN
  • IDB maintains a regular monthly distribution schedule based on PDO needs which are based on the number of clients served.  Orders should be adjusted each time an order is placed based on the PDO distribution of diapers during the prior month
  • PDO agrees not to stockpile diapers received from the IDB as it is not in the best interest of community wide distribution to babies in need.
  • PDO agrees to adhere to the NDBN guideline of providing approximately 50 diapers per month to each baby in need to help supplement their total diaper need for the month
  • POD agrees to help spread awareness of Diaper Need in the community by agreeing to IDB fundraising activities (at least $1200 target per calendar year)  and may enlist the support of sponsors to help ensure the year-round availability of diapers in the community.  IDB agrees to help provide tools to the PDO to aid in fundraising
  • The IDB may reject or cancel the PDO partnership at any time due to lack of resources or for any other reason.
  • PDO understands that the IDB will institute a nominal annual administrative fee beginning in 2018
  • IDB items may not be sold, bartered or exchanged.  Items received from the IDB may not be taken by volunteers, officers, clergy, or employees for personal use.  As outlined in the Internal Revenue Code Section 17(e)(3), all items PDO receives from the IDB must be used solely for the care of the ill, needy, or minors, pursuant to the PDO’s charitable purpose

PDO Resources

If you are not in the Treasure Valley and would like to apply for our WOW program, please use this application:  WOW APPLICATION